We are extremely conscious about your data security

Why Pentests are vital for us

Every multinational corporation as much as medium-sized companies, public institutions, and administrations fear to get into the terrible situation that “Hackers have gained access to computer systems and paralyzed them”. The consequences are significant including financial damage to loss of data and trust.

Nowadays, cybercrime incidents are growing dramatically. With more popularity of your Cloud Systems or Web Applications, the risk of getting noticed by criminals will increase too and the system security and possible vulnerabilities will be tested accordingly. The risk will be very high that security vulnerabilities will be exploited and become a gateway for criminals. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to verify before relying 100% on the security of the software solutions they use.

To ensure that our products offer the highest level of security, we undergo an extensive testing cycle moreover remember that we rely on Test Driven Development (TDD) engineering practices. This means that we define exactly which security tests our software must pass before development begins. In this way, we ensure that the code is given maximum security from the very first line.

ID-ware stands for the best possible data and information security

In addition to load and stress testing, we perform automatic and manual testing. Moreover, to avoid any IP issues with our solutions, we perform intensive direct and indirect open source dependency checks. Therefore, with our software solutions our clients use a powerful and above all secure solution for Physical Identity & Access Management to better protect their facilities, their data, and their assets.

We are aware of the growing importance of secure corporate and personal data. Therefore, it is essential for us to have our own dedicated Pentest team to be able to guarantee the best possible data and information security. Their most important task is to critically certify our solutions by performing regular Penetration tests, detect vulnerabilities and minimize the risks for our valued customers.

What are Penetration tests?

A Pentest is a simulated attack on an IT system as well as the IT infrastructure to identify potential system vulnerabilities and to be able to assess the resistance level of the system for any possible cyber intrusion. In other words, thanks to our Pentest activities that enables us to find and close vulnerabilities in our solutions before they are discovered and exploited. For our customers, the regular Pentests performed by our thorough experts means the highest level of transparency and security.

How do we test?

Our experts perform both automated and manual Pentests. Automated Pentests are performed using specialized tools and provides standardized and reproducible results that can be used to assess the security of the system. Our team also performs manual Pentests. Altogether this enables us to identify errors and vulnerabilities in the design of the web applications e.g. caused by error prone processes or possible parameter input in the form fields.

Our Pentests are based on the OWASP Top 10 Report Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). OWASP is the independent community, which includes companies, educational institutions, and individuals from around the world, together they have published and maintained the top ten risks and points of attack in the area of web applications since 2013.

To further elaborate about the security of our solutions, we would like to mention that we rely on the "white box", "black box" and "grey box" methods. Details are as under:

  • Pentest using the white box method: The tester takes on the role of an attacker who possesses all the necessary information of the target system, such as infrastructure details and access credentials, etc...
  • Pentest using the black box method: In the black-box method, the attacker has only little preliminary information about the target system. Since the required information, such as network infrastructure and internal applied security measures must first be obtained, therefore a Pentest using this method delivers very realistic results.
  • Pentest using the grey box method: The grey-box method combines the white box and black box methods. The attacker has no information about the target test system. As with the black box method, the required information must first be obtained. The information found is then compared with the real conditions. In the next step, the attacker obtains the necessary information, such as the network structure and access credentials of the target test system.

How do you benefit from our Pentests?

The regular Pentests conducted by our experts provide long term protection and ensure that our solutions are immune to current security holes and vulnerabilities. And of course, our Pentest team suggests measures to make our solutions even more secure for you.