„We Believe That ...

identification and authentication will become one of the main critical success factors for organizations to be in control.“

To be in control means:

Manage access for those who need access, no matter where.

We offer solutions using our enterprise software platform for the management of access and permissions, smart cards, contractors and visitors in a secure, smart and cost effective way.


No vendor lock-in

Our access management integration platform connects to all standard access control systems. This enables the user to be independent form those suppliers, avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling the user to operate the best economic model.

Enforces standard

processes and full compliance

Our flexible workflow engine comes along with a set of best practices workflows. The user can easily modify those achieve the best organizational fit. Administrative task will be less complex and cost effective.

user self-service

also in control self-service, mobile devices

Our powerful user self-service functions enable the user to manage his access himself avoiding the involvement of Backoffice operators and service centers. This increases the user experience resulting in fast results and satisfaction.

+350 Years Experience

of domain competence materialized into one software platform:

„Our highly talented and passionate staff creates enterprise software, putting all our customer and market knowledge and expertise in this platform. This means high value materialized knowledge.“

Progress, Risk Reduction

"We provide our knowledge to our customers to make the best choices, to make progress and protect them for pitfalls. This is our core-business."

Solution as a Service

"We take responsibility and ownership to reduce complexity and provide solutions as a service. We take out the waste off your organization, you can concentrate on your business."

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