Integrated Card, Access and Visitor Management with Nedap AEOS

The integration between the ID-ware workflow system OCMS (Online Card Management System) and Nedap AEOS provides a seamless solution to manage the lifecycle of cards, requesting / approving additional access rights and manage visitors in a sophisticated way.
The value of AEOS will be increased due to a supplemented card management system and a fully automatic evaluation and authorization for physical access including the option to integrate modules for User Self Service, Visitor Management and Contractor Management.
Standard interfaces to common identity management, HR systems and directory services are available. The OCMS transmits card authorizations to connected systems such as AEOS access control, work time recording, cashless payment and follow-me-printing. The solution is off the shelf available and is offered globally.


In the last 5 years ID-ware has successfully implemented over 50 installations with complex functionality at customers across all industry segments. References are available in the finance, automotive, manufacturing and governmental institutions in Europe.

“Managing visitors, contractors, badges and their authorisations is a challenge for many companies. Therefor I’m really proud to have ID-ware as Nedap Technology Partner. OCMS and AEOS complement each other perfectly. Combining a high quality workflow and visitor management solution, with secure and flexible access control, all handled within a single user-interface.”

Wesley Keegstra

Integration Manager at Nedap Security Management

ID-ware OCMS provides:

  • Proven technology over 50 implementations
  • Seamless integration with AEOS
  • Continuous evolution of the standard range of functions
  • Maintenance/support of features also in future product releases
  • High degree of configurability
  • Flexibility to meet changing requirements/processes

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About Nedap N.V.

Nedap is a Dutch multinational technology company, responsible for the development of powerful solutions in physical security. Their access control system, AEOS, is based entirely on open standards and designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs. It’s the ultimate foundation for any application of physical access control – from businesses to government offices, hospitals, airports, schools, industrial sites and public venues. AEOS goes beyond opening doors, making people feel safe and protecting your valuable assets. It lets you decide how to react and respond to specific situations.