Our Covid Certificate Registration solution enables companies to provide restricted physical access in compliance with the 3G rule.

While the 3G rule in the workplace is intended to make the workplace safer, but at the same time it raises questions for many companies about “How should they comply to 3G rule and also about how the result is passed on to their access control system?”. As a result, many companies fear extra work, delays and long queues to gain access.

In our Covid Certificate Registration solution, we have incorporated our experience and expertise in access, badge and credential management. With Covid Certificate Registration, companies can easily and efficiently check the current 3G status of their employees and ensure that only vaccinated, recovered or tested individuals enter the premises.

The solution enables existing digital vaccination certificates to be checked via the Robert Koch Institute's "CovPass Check" app and compared with the data on the ID cards. The result of the check is stored in Covid Certificate Registration and the validity period (365 days if vaccinated, 180 days if recovered, 1 day if tested negative) is calculated automatically.  The export function integrated in the solution makes it possible to import the data relevant for the verification of 3G regulation (badge number, name, type of proof, expiration date) directly into the access control system in use.


Only conventional ID-card desktop scanners and QR code scanners are required to read out the necessary information without any special software requirements or driver installations.



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